Dongguan is a prefecture-level city in the central part of Guangdong Province, east of the Pearl River Delta, 50 kilometers south of Guangzhou and 90 kilometers north of Shenzhen. It is 47 nautical miles away from Hong Kong and 48 nautical miles away from Macau.

Dongguan is an important industrial and manufacturing base in China. Among Chinese cities, Dongguan’s annual foreign trade volume is second only to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Suzhou. There are approximately 14,000 foreign-invested companies in Dongguan, many famous multinational companies such as Nokia, Philips, General Electric and Nestlé have established factories here.

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Huayang Lake)Dong Rong Hotel DongguanMidtown Hotel DongguanGarden Hotel DongguanChang An Hotel DongguanChinflux Mandarin Hotel DongguanRoyal Metropolitan Hotel DongguanJun Hao Hotel (Dongguan Shanmei Metro Station)Fangzhong Holiday Hotel DongguanForla Hotel DongguanRichwood Garden Hotel DongguanMetropolitan Yijing Hotel DongguanKande International Hotel DongguanCP Peninsula Hotel DongguanCinese Hotel Dongguan ShijieHuimei Hotel DongguanYihao International Hotel DongguanMetropolitan Hotel DongguanGlobal Business Hotel DongguanHuilihua Hotel DongguanNew City International Hotel DongguanJunyue Internation Hotel DongguanJingduhui Hotel (Dongguan Chang'an)Designer Hotel DongguanDong Chang Hotel (Dongguan Huarun Shopping Plaza)Tianyu Hotel DongguanThe Lotus Villa Hotel DongguanMannidun Amanti Hotel DongguanBoyue International Hotel (Dongguan Houjie Wanda Plaza)Delight Empire Hotel DongguanDeRUCCI Hotel (Dongguan International Exhibition Center)Silverworld Hotels & Resorts DongguanBaoshi 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RT-Mart)8inns plus Hotel DongguanNanbei Garden Hotel (VIP Building) DongguanManfei Apartment Hotel (Humen Wanda Plaza) DongguanDongxiang Holiday Hotel Dongguan365 Holiday Hotel DongguanThe Clipper Hotel DongguanF Hotel (Dongguan Liaobu)ENJOY HOTELS DongguanTreasure Island Hotel DongguanGarmen Hotel DongguanHua Cui Hotel DongguanPerfect Hotel DongguanHao Yue Lai Hotel DongguanDongguan Baike HotelAmigo Hotel(Dongguan Railway Station)Ming Xuan Hotel DongguanHaixia Hotel DongguanBahao Gongguan Hotel DongguanGladden Hotel (Fenggang Town) DongguanJinghao Hotel DongguanBoss Hotel DongguanHuangjiang Holiday Hotel Dongguankamston hotel DongguanMoon Bay Business Hotel DongguanCarnival City Garden Hotel DongguanJinlanxuan City Hotel DongguanLavande Hotel (Dongguan Humen Square)Lavande Hotel Dongguan Qingxi center storeDongqi Business Hotel DongguanSouth America Holiday Hotel DongguanHuihe Conference International Hotel DongguanWeini Hotel DongguanBoteman Business Hotel DongguanHangseng Business 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